Write me if you are interested in any of the works.


  • 3DSGrasp: 3D Shape-Completion for Robotic Grasp [Paper]

S. Seyed Mohammadi, N. Ferreira Duarte, J. Santos-Victor, A. Bernardino, P. Moreno, A. Dehban, D. Dimou, P. Morerio, A. Del Bue, Y. Wang, M. Taiana, ICRA, London, UK, May 2023

  • ConfMix: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection via Confidence-based Mixing [Paper] [Code]

G. Mattolin, L. Zanella, E. Ricci, Y. Wang, WACV, Waikoloa, US, Jan 2023


  • Fast re-OBJ: Real-time object re-identification in rigid scenes

E. Bayraktar, Y Wang, A. Del Bue, Machine Vision and Applications, Oct 2022

  • Cluster-level pseudo-labelling for source-free cross-domain facial expression recognition [Paper] [Code]

A. Conti, P. Rota, Y. Wang, E. Ricci, BMVC, London, UK, Nov 2022

  • Spatial Commonsense Graph for Object Localisation in Partial Scenes [Project] [Paper] [Code]

F. Giuliari, G. Skenderi, M. Cristani, Y. Wang, A. Del Bue, CVPR, New Orleans, US, June 2022

  • Loop closure detection using local 3D deep descriptors [Paper] [Code]

Y. Zhou, Y. Wang, F. Poiesi, Q. Qin, Y. Wan, RAL, 2022

  • SVP-Classifier: Single-View Point cloud data classifier with multi-view hallucination [Code]

S. S. Mohammadi, Y. Wang, M. Taiana, P. Morerio, A. Del Bue, ICIAP, Lecce, IT, May 2022

  • Graph-based Generative Face Anonymisation with Pose Preservation [Paper] [Code]

N. Dall’Asen, Y. Wang, H. Tang, L. Zanella, E. Ricci, ICIAP, Lecce, IT, May 2022


  • Pointview-GCN: 3D Shape Classification With Multi-View Point Clouds [Paper] [Code]

S. S. Mohammadi, Y. Wang and A. Del Bue, ICIP, Anchorage, US, Sep 2021

  • End-to-end pairwise human proxemics from uncalibrated single images [Paper]

P. Morerio, M. Bustreo, Y. Wang, A. Del Bue, ICIP, Anchorage, US, Sep 2021

  • POMP++: Pomcp-based Active Visual Search in unknown indoor environments [Paper]

F. Giuliari, A. Castellini, R. Berra, A. Del Bue, A. Farinelli, M. Cristani, F. Setti, Y. Wang, IROS, Prague, CR, Sep 2021

  • Single Image Human Proxemics Estimation for Visual Social Distancing [Paper] [Code]

M. Aghaei, M. Bustreo, Y. Wang, P. Morerio, A. Del Bue, WACV, Waikoloa, US, Jan 2021

  • MARVEL: Multimodal Extreme Scale Data Analytics for Smart Cities Environments [Paper]

D. Bajovic, A. Bakhtiarnia, ... , Y. Wang, André Xuereb, Johan Zammit, BalkanCom, Novi Sad, Serbia, Sep 2021


  • POMP: Pomcp-based Online Motion Planning for active visual search in indoor environments [Paper]

Y. Wang, F. Giuliari, R. Berra, A. Castellini, A. Del Bue, A. Farinelli, M. Cristani, F. Setti, BMVC, Sep 2020

  • Where to explore next? ExHistCNN for history-aware autonomous 3D exploration [Paper] [Code]

Y. Wang, A. Del Bue, ECCV, Glasgow, UK, Aug 2020


  • Active 3D classification of multiple objects in cluttered Scenes [Paper]

Y. Wang, M. Carletti, F. Setti, M. Cristani, A. Del Bue, ICCV-W, Seoul, KR, Oct 2019

  • Autonomous 3D reconstruction, mapping and exploration of indoor environments with a robotic arm [Paper]

Y. Wang, S. James, S. E. Konstantina, C. Beltran-Gonzale, Y. Konishi, A. Del Bue, RAL, Nov 2019

2013 - 2018

  • Concurrent target following with active directional sensors [Paper]

Y. Wang, A. Cavallaro, ICASSP, Calgary, CA, Apr 2018

  • Active visual tracking in multi-agent scenarios [Paper] [Code]

Y. Wang, A. Cavallaro, AVSS, Lecce, IT, Sep 2017

  • Prioritized target tracking with active collaborative cameras [Paper]

Y. Wang, A. Cavallaro, AVSS, Colorado Springs, US, Aug 2016

  • Coalition formation for distributed tracking in wireless camera networks [Paper]

Y. Wang, A. Cavallaro, AVSS, Karlsruhe, GE, Aug 2015